Salesforce Pardot is a powerful marketing automation platform that allows customers to find, convert and keep customers. One of the beautiful out-of-the-box features of Pardot is its ability to deliver campaign reporting and attribution.

So how can you make sure you garner the insights and analytics you need? Follow my three key ingredients on achieving campaign attribution with Salesforce Pardot.

#1 Campaign Membership and Statuses

A campaign member is a prospect (lead, contact, or person account) whom you are trying to target. Campaign members are associated with a member status. A member status that is “responded” denotes when a person has taken a specific action such as downloading gated content or attending an event. They are then added to the campaign with a corresponding membership status.

#2 Opportunities with Contact Roles

Opportunities are deals in progress. Opportunity records track details about deals, including which accounts they’re for, who the players are, and the amount of potential sales

Contact Roles on opportunities create a relationship between contacts and opportunities (including the role they play). To drive attribution in Pardot Salesforce an opportunity will only sync and connect with Pardot if it has at least 1 Contact Role.

#3 Tracking Costs on Campaigns

On the Campaign Object, there is a field that you can enter the cost of the campaign which is called “Actual Cost in Campaign”. This looks at the amount of budget spent on the campaign and should include both direct and indirect costs.

If your business is using B2B Marketing Analytics this is the field that pulls into the out-of-the-box dashboards to determine ROI.

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At Resonant we have completed Pardot projects across a variety of industries such as consumer goods, professional services, recruitment, education, training and much more. Resonant also specialises in platform migrations and has recently completed the transition from Eloqua to Pardot for Canon Oceania, CreditorWatch and Pinnacle Investment Group.

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