ABM is here, see why you need to look at Campaigns & Accounts now

ABM is here, see why you need to look at Campaigns & Accounts now

As data and technology have transformed so has the way we target, segment, and acquire customers. Account-based marketing focuses on targeting specific accounts. This means that you are doing your research, identifying key accounts and aligning your sales and marketing teams, all before building a single marketing asset or activity.

Adjust your related lists to highlight campaigns and accounts

New related lists are available on campaign and account records, which can help your sales team make connections between the two. They can quickly navigate between records or act on related records.

To get started simply add the Accounts related list to campaign records and add the Campaigns related list to account records.

Campaigns Accounts Resonant Pardot

Salesforce Pardot is enabling marketers to build effective and aligned ABM programs.

Pardot (along with Einstein) helps you to automate much of the ABM process to get the most out of your campaigns. Here are some of the ways in which you can utilise Pardot marketing automation features to increase the efficiency and profitability of your ABM campaigns:


  • Identify key accounts: Develop qualification criteria to determine accounts you would like to target. We would suggest looking at top-performing accounts from your last sales cycle, what do they have in common? Do they come from a particular industry or certain employee size? As a secondary layer, you can also look at the Pardot Score to help develop activities that drive engagement.
  • Delivering connected engagements: With a single account-centric view, your marketing and sales teams are aligned, placing you in the best position to get the most out of your ABM efforts and close bigger deals.  With Pardot’s Account Engagement History view you can easily get a picture of account health and engagement.
  • Engaging buyers everywhere: You can build cross-channel and personalised account engagements on a single platform that is natively integrated with Salesforce. Harness Pardot’s Engagement Studio to build customer journeys based on your buyer personas and segmentation model.
Take part and have your say

The team at Salesforce Pardot are always looking to connect with customers throughout the product development process. Fill in this survey to see how this functionality could be developed further.


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Power up your Pardot knowledge with Trailhead

Power up your Pardot knowledge with Trailhead

Pardot is a marketing automation solution that helps companies create meaningful connections, generate more pipeline, and empower sales to close more deals. If your business has chosen to start using Pardot, congratulations! You’re in safe hands. Pardot allows both experienced and new marketers to target, acquire and engage with customers. With its beautiful lightning experience, it brings the brilliance of Salesforce and Pardot capabilities into one place. 

Whether you are working with a Salesforce Consulting Partner or not a critical component to your success with any platform is enablement and training. That’s why at Resonant we believe Trailhead is a game-changer for your success

Why we believe in Trailhead

After completing over 250+ Salesforce implementations we know that Trailhead works. Businesses and teams who don’t complete any Trailhead’s are 50% more likely to fail when implementing Salesforce. Why? Because as humans we need to reinforce our knowledge and give ourselves time to digest what we are learning and doing. 

Trailhead’s are a great vehicle to help you firstly understand the mechanics of Pardot but they also allow you to think of new strategies and tactics that your business could be testing. A new environment gives your brain more space to think differently.

Start your Pardot Trailhead journey with our curated list
Extra Credit Modules
Help onboard and enable your team with Trail Tracker

Trail Tracker is a free app for managing your Salesforce users’ learning paths. It’s not part of myTrailhead, but you can use it with myTrailhead. You can assign trailmixes, set deadlines, track employee progress, and customize the assignment notifications that employees receive. You can report on employee progress and completion rates using the built-in reports and dashboards. You can download it from the AppExchange here.

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Powering up your B2B Marketing with Pardot + Ad Studio

Powering up your B2B Marketing with Pardot + Ad Studio

Pardot and Salesforce Ad Studio work together to provide your customers, leads, and prospects with highly personalised journeys on a variety of channels, which include email, paid advertising campaigns, your company website, and social media, among others.

So what is Ad Studio?

Ad Studio enables B2B marketing professionals to safely activate their customer and lead data in Salesforce to manage all your LinkedIn, Google, online ads, and Facebook campaigns at scale. You can provide your marketing and sales teams with a dynamic lead generation engine by integrating Pardot, Sales Cloud, and Ad Studio.

This will enable your teams to utilise past lead performance and existing customer data to support your nurture campaigns, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) programs, and customer acquisition throughout the entire customer journey.

Set Up Your B2B Ad Campaign as a 1:1 Channel

  1. Integrate lead generation and account-based marketing campaigns. Improve account engagement through coordinated email and ad nurture campaigns. Personalise messaging across channels with Journey Builder.
  2. Acquire more high-quality leads. Find new customers across Facebook by reaching lookalikes of your best customers. Optimise Google search ads based on the value of a potential lead.
  3. Exclude customers from ad campaigns. Increase ROI and CSAT scores by suppressing existing customers or unqualified leads.
  4. Upsell existing customers. Get existing customers to use more of your offerings by tailoring ads to them.
  5. Re-engage dormant leads. Re-target existing leads with advertising, as a complement to your email program.

Outcome-Oriented Campaigns

  • 2.3x increase in match rate and 3.8x increase in return on ad spend for Pardot with Facebook Advanced Match over traditional Custom Audiences.
  • 50% decrease in cost per lead when Edenred (global B2B brand that enables benefit vouchers) used customer data to advertise on Facebook.
  • 47% higher engagement with CRM-powered advertising.
  • 77% increased reach with coordination of email and ads and 22% increase in likelihood to purchase of email openers who also saw the ads.

Pardot and Advertising Studio Integration


In order to leverage the power of these platforms, you’ll need:

  • a verified Salesforce connector in Pardot, and to connect Advertising Studio to Salesforce via Marketing Cloud (MC) Connect
  • Automation Studio to update Advertising Studio audiences
  • a clear advertising and email marketing strategy for your company

Popular Use Cases

Campaign Type Strategy Audience
Top of Mind Keep your brand visible to current and potential customers Recent trade show attendees; prospects engaged in social media (Facebook Lead Ads, LinkedIn, etc.); top-of-funnel leads
Product Launch Promote the upcoming or recent launch of a new product Prospects with established, specific product interests; current customers; bottom-of-funnel leads; lost opportunities
Upcoming Event Generate interest and drive registration for an upcoming event (webinar, trade show, etc.) Prospects who have viewed your event landing page but haven’t registered; top-of-funnel leads; prospects by region (for live events)
Event Follow-Up Maximise the impact of a recent event through targeted messaging Recent event attendees (webinar, trade show, etc.)
Education Share basic information and best practice content with customers just beginning the buying process Net-new leads; recent trade show attendees; prospects engaged in social media (Facebook Lead Ads, LinkedIn, etc.); top-of-funnel leads
Event Follow-Up Maximise the impact of a recent event through targeted messaging Recent event attendees (webinar, trade show, etc.)



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Pardot Hack #1: Clone With Related

Pardot Hack #1: Clone With Related

Salesforce Pardot makes understanding campaign engagement and ROI simpler, easier, and faster. Over the coming months, I am going to share with you some of my hacks that will help you maximise Pardot and more effectively get under the hood of what’s working and what’s not.

Fundamental to understanding what’s working and what’s not are Salesforce Campaigns.

Let’s dig into campaign basics

A campaign is essentially a marketing initiative that you want to track. Three areas that form the foundation of campaign attribution include:

  • Campaign Members and Statuses: A campaign member is a prospect (lead, contact, or person account) whom you are trying to target. Campaign members are associated with a member status. A member status that is “responded” denotes when a person has taken a specific action such as downloading gated content or attending an event.
  • Actual Cost: This looks at the amount of budget spent on the campaign and should include both direct and indirect costs.
  • Contact Roles on Opportunities: Contact Roles on opportunities create a relationship between contacts and opportunities (including the role they play). To drive attribution in Pardot Salesforce an opportunity will only sync and connect with Pardot if it has at least 1 Contact Role.

Pardot Hack #1: Clone with related on campaigns

Cloning campaigns is a common way for marketers to quickly re-use their assets. Previous to the Winter ’20 release when you cloned a campaign it did not clone the custom campaign member statuses which meant you had to create them every single time. Tedious right.

Say hello to “Clone with Related”. How do I set this up?

Add the “Clone with Related” lighting action to your campaign lightning page you can then clone a campaign WITH custom campaign member statuses #dreaming.

About Resonant

At Resonant we have completed Pardot projects across a variety of industries such as consumer goods, professional services, recruitment, education, training and much more. Resonant also specialises in platform migrations and has recently completed the transition from Eloqua to Pardot for Canon Australia.

Have any questions?

I love helping people so feel free to reach me through LinkedIn or you can email me at natalie@resonantcloud.info.

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