Pardot is a marketing automation solution that helps companies create meaningful connections, generate more pipeline, and empower sales to close more deals. If your business has chosen to start using Pardot, congratulations! You’re in safe hands. Pardot allows both experienced and new marketers to target, acquire and engage with customers. With its beautiful lightning experience, it brings the brilliance of Salesforce and Pardot capabilities into one place. 

Whether you are working with a Salesforce Consulting Partner or not a critical component to your success with any platform is enablement and training. That’s why at Resonant we believe Trailhead is a game-changer for your success

Why we believe in Trailhead

After completing over 250+ Salesforce implementations we know that Trailhead works. Businesses and teams who don’t complete any Trailhead’s are 50% more likely to fail when implementing Salesforce. Why? Because as humans we need to reinforce our knowledge and give ourselves time to digest what we are learning and doing. 

Trailhead’s are a great vehicle to help you firstly understand the mechanics of Pardot but they also allow you to think of new strategies and tactics that your business could be testing. A new environment gives your brain more space to think differently.

Start your Pardot Trailhead journey with our curated list
Extra Credit Modules
Help onboard and enable your team with Trail Tracker

Trail Tracker is a free app for managing your Salesforce users’ learning paths. It’s not part of myTrailhead, but you can use it with myTrailhead. You can assign trailmixes, set deadlines, track employee progress, and customize the assignment notifications that employees receive. You can report on employee progress and completion rates using the built-in reports and dashboards. You can download it from the AppExchange here.

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